What sets us apart:

1- Caring & Gentle Approach.

2- Comfort measures to decrease pain.

3- Convenient appointments (even evenings and weekends)

4- Easy online appointment booking.

5- Information appointments to appease fears and validate media information.

6- Appointment confirmation the day before by the nurse (allowing for last minute questions)

7- So much more than injections (height, weight, health & development follow-ups)

8- Telephone follow-up by the nurse the day after the injections.

9- No rush, we take the time that is needed so you feel comfortable and cared for.

10-Finally, an unmatched 5-star care.

*The vaccines are free (provided by the Public Health Agency).  The  fee covers the administration and the well baby check.  The vaccines are given according to the PIQ (Quebec Immunization Protocol) with respect to the age and health status of the child on the day of the visit.

Regular Quebec Vaccination Schedule

Preparing your older children for vaccination (tips to reduce fear and pain)

If you need a convenient appointment, call us we will accommodate you! 819.486.1106