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Nursing Care

Pregnancy follow-ups by the nurse:

Foetal heart rate, blood pressure, weight, urinalysis: 18, 00$- per intervention

Flu Vaccine: With public health risks factors- 15,00$ General population: 25,00$

Child Vaccination: 30:00$ per appointment

Prenatal Birthing Ball couples training: 78,00$+ tx /couple

Medical Ball: 25$ + tx

Booklet on using the birthing ball (French only): “Méthode Ballon Forme Couple“: 18$ + tx

Private Prenatal Classes: 60$/hr + tx per couple.  Additional fees for home visits

Semi-Private Classes: 40$/hr + tx per couple. Additional fees for home visits

One-day prenatal class: (saturday: 9:30-16:00) Small group setting ( 5-6 couples). Concrete tools, innovative tricks, birthing ball, baby care.  Lunch included.  Courses available in French, English or Spanish: 125, 00$ + tx/ couple

Growth measurements: height, weight & head circumference as well as interpretation of growth chart: 18, 00$

Umbilical clip removal: FREE

Nursing care: small wound care, bandages, suture or staple removal, blood pressure monitoring 18,00$-35,00$

Postpartum Nursing Assessment: (mom, baby and family health evaluation): 60$ (clinic) + 20$ (home visit)

Evidence based health and development assessment: Physical assessment + Development évaluation (ABCdaire, Rourke, Nipissing,WHO):  88,00$ (Complete written report included)

Drop-in baby express clinic: 38,00$

Express developmental assessment: Direction and referral as needed: 38,00$

Postpartum mom and baby assessment: Clinic-60,00$ Home visit-60,00$+20,00$

Mini health and development assessment in daycare settings: 12,00$/child

Coaching: 2 x 60 min clarity session package: 150$ + tx/month

Home Visits: For Hull/Aylmer, please add 20$ to the service fee.


Nutritional Assessment: 100$ (1h)
Nutritional follow-ups: 60$ (30-45 min)
Workshops : 50$

*Please note that all services are payable on the day of the service.  Payment by Debit, MasterCard, Visa, Cash or cheques.