*Important Message:

Please note that as of March 2018, we will no longer offer regular prenatal classes at the clinic due to our new services offer.

However prenatal preparation and caring support for more specific cases will remain available.  A private, more intimate environment will be ensured to respect and meet the unique needs of these families, such as:

  • Parents expecting a sick child
  • Traumatic birth experience (scared of labor)
  • Previous perinatal loss
  • Therapeutic abortions

*A natural therapy receipt will be issued for income taxe and insurance purposes. (this applies to all our prenatal classes and consultations)

Pregnancy follow-ups

Not sure if your pregnancy cramps or other pregnancy symptomes are normal?  We are here to reassure you with our pregnancy nursing care:

  • Blood pressure monitoring
  • Foetal heart rate (doppler)
  • Urine analysis
  • Weight gain
  • Counselling related to diagnoses during the prenatal period (maternal or fetal health problems.
  • The fee for each 60 minutes visit is 80$ (naturopathy receipt issued)


In person personnalized prenatal classes thought by Renée Fearrey, perinatal nurse clinician.  You can contact Renée directly for all the details at:

Massage therapy for pregnant women:

Françoise Haché, RMT 613-606-6652

Prenatal yoga classes in Aylmer (Escential garden)