Prenatal Classes

Custom prenatal classes tailored to your needs and lifestyle.  At the parent child clinic we offer 5 different options.

It is recommended to take the class around the 28th week of pregnancy. Questions regarding the date or best option for you ? Just contact us. 819.486.1106 or

1- Private classes

  • Custom class answering your needs specifically (bilingual families)
  • Offered in the comfort of your home or at the clinic
  • Class is as long or as short as you need
  • Appointments available evenings and weekends

2- Semi-Private Classes

  • same as private class but for a small group of 2-3 couples (ideal for friends or in-laws)

3-One day intensive

  • One Saturday from  9:30-16:00.  (ideal for busy couples)
  • Discussed topics:

1- Labor & Delivery (increase your confidence, decrease your fears)

2- Coping with pain (Managing pain for moms / Partners actively providing comfort)

3- Our life with a baby (baby care, couple time, family issues)

4- Feeding baby (breastfeeding, alternatives ?,food intolerance, baby’s digestion…)

  • Small cozy groups (5-6 couples).
  • concrete tools as well as innovative tricks
  • Lunch included

4-Birthing ball classes

One time 3 hour intensive class with your labor partner.

The birthing ball as a tool during labor:

  • Gives Dad or the labor coach an active role and practical tools to help support mom during this process.
  • Helps labor progress more quickly
  • Decreases pain
  • Facilitates natural birth
  • Excellent refresher class for 2nd or 3rd pregnancies

You will have access to birthing balls for the class.  You can also buy your own medical ball on site.

5-Caring for your Newborn

A baby does not come into the world with it’s instruction manual and the amount of care a newborn needs can be quite intimidating.  This is why we created this unique class.  In this fun two hour interactive workshop led by a pediatric nurse you will learn the basics of caring for your new baby.

  • We wil practice diapering and bathing.
  • We wil discuss what to do when your baby is sick, red flags and when to seek medical attention and much more…

*A natural therapy receipt will be issued for income taxe and insurance purposes. (this applies to all our prenatal classes)

Pregnancy follow-ups

Not sure if your pregnancy cramps or other pregnancy symptomes are normal?  We are here to reassure you with our pregnancy nursing care:

  • Blood pressure monitoring
  • Foetal heart rate (doppler) – NEW
  • Urine analysis
  • Weight gain
  • Counselling related to diagnoses during the prenatal period (maternal or fetal health problems)
  • Pricing according to the length and nature of nursing intervention


Massage for pregnancy (Pascale Lapierre, RMT, Vitalithai)

Prenatal yoga classes in Aylmer (Escential garden)