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The parent-child clinic is a private pediatric nurse led clinic.  There is no doctor on site so you can’t get a prescription or a diagnosis.  However, you can get a complete health assessment by a specialized pediatric nurse.  These “well baby” assessments include: growth, development, milestones and anticipatory guidance.  It is possible to get a 30 or 60 minute visit at your preferred time.  For each 60 minute or more consultation, you will receive a written report so that when you do find a doctor or pediatrician you will have all the data in your personal files.  We also have drop in clinics a few times a week which is pretty much a “live” telehealth consultation.  Theses are brief 15 minutes visits looking at one specific issue.   The services are not covered by medicare but we recommend that you keep your official receipts to check with your private insurance or income tax purposes.   As the months go by we will be expanding our service offer with more services and more professionals.

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